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A Celebration of Possibilities

Inspire Nashville is an event honoring and celebrating our community and the individuals who give their heart and soul to make it what it is. There are few places that capture the heart, open up the soul, and inspire growth and change like Nashville. This energy and culture is made possible by the tireless efforts of those who make an impact daily by giving back to their communities and inspiring those in need. We set out to honor those silent heroes who serve on your boards, help at your soup kitchens and make our world a better place with the annual Inspiration Award honoring inspiring service to the community.

Our goal is to select an individual whose actions and service line up with the heart and mission of The Onsite Foundation. We will recognize and acknowledge his or her contributions to the community while celebrating everyone who lives with a greater purpose. Please join us as we bring together the creative forces of music and the spoken word for an unforgettable inspiring evening that you won’t forget!

2016 Inspiration Award Recipient:


Announcement of the 2016 Inspiration Award Recipient to be announced in November 2015. Keep checking back for more details soon!

Past Recipients

  • 2014: Rod Essig

    Music Agent

    Creative Artists Agency

  • 2013: Pete Fisher

    Vice President, General Manager

    Grand Ole Opry

The Onsite Foundation

The Onsite Foundation seeks to provide funding to aid in the healing and rebuilding of individuals, couples, and families who are struggling from the effects of trauma, abuse, acute stress, burnout, compassion fatigue, etc. which in turn leads to a healthier, happier community and society.

The board of The Onsite Foundation is comprised of active volunteers who cover all of the non-profit’s expenses so that each and every gift goes directly to the source of emotional health and well-being of individuals, couples, and families who need it most.

The Onsite Foundation board members are: David Adams, Christiev Alphin, Dave Berg, Warren Brent, Debbie Carroll, Pete Fisher, Irma Harris, John Ingram, Jewel, John Huie, Joey Lee, John Kelly, Marion Kraft, Tami Olin, LeAnn Phelan and Wynonna.

The Director of The Onsite Foundation, Deanna Wantz, runs the day to day operations. Feel free to contact her with any questions at:

*Please know that a significant portion of your ticket to Inspire Nashville will support scholarships for the non-profit organization, The Onsite Foundation, whose mission is to educate and empower worthy individuals seeking emotional health and well-being who could not otherwise afford it.